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're training him. he's from barcelona. in spain. obtener la valisa... que? la valisa en el, er, auto bianco sportiv. y... a la sala... siete... por favor. pronto. is impossible. - what? - is impossible. look, it's perfectly simple! manuel - sirvase buscar mi equipaje que esta en el automovil blanco y lo traer a la sala numero siete. senor habla espanol! solo un poco lo siento. pero he olvidado mucho. no, no habla muy bien. muy muy bien. formidable! gracias, gracias. lo voy a coger ahora. well, if there's anything else, i'm sure manuel will be able to tell you, as you seem to get on so well together. key? ( turns on music ) hello, dear, just doing the picture. don't forget the menu. i beg your pardon? don't forget the menu. i thought you said you wanted-- right! i'll do the menu. you could have had them both done by now if you hadn't spent the whole morning skulking in there listening to that racket. racket? that's brahms! brahms's third racket! the whole morning? i had two bars. ready to order? uh, yeah. what's a gralefrit? grapefruit. and creme pot... pot rouge? por
ireland, denmark australia iceland, spain. shouting, did you kill your wife? did you kill your wife? >> i think she's dead. reporter: for downtown's younger relatively unknown stars, the show has been life changing. emmy-nominated michelle daugherty was on the cover of vanity fair undressed. >> it's thrilling actually to be a part of something that's captured the hearts of the world. >> reporter: dan stevens is currently on broadway, signing autographs at the stage door every night. >> you two can stay here. reporter: but joanne froggett anna, also nominated for an emmy this year may have the best story. >> this is my most fabulous year ever actually. it's incredible with all the success of downtown, the emmy nominations, three movies coming out this year. i'm also getting married this year which is a big, big news. >> reporter: like downtown abbey, you know a show is big when it gets spoofed. >> what is this about? if we don't find an hare, it will take back the franchise from us. >> reporter: come on now. downtown arby's? >> i love downtown arby's. t's not downtown arby's, it's downton
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2